The BEST New Years Resolution!

published on: January 7th, 2022

Happy New Year!! 

It’s the first week of January 2022 and one question gets asked more than any other this time of year…’have you made a New Year’s Resolution yet?’

Invariably, the good intentioned ‘good for our health’ and ‘good for our waistlines’ are on the list, and while they are, of course, important, they are rarely any fun.

So, this year let’s also do something fun, exciting, achievable and something that is good for our wallets!  Let’s learn how to scalp trade!  

For the swing traders – why not learn how to scalp and make extra gains while waiting for your long-term trades to play out?  Stop watching those yo-yo-ing account balances and instead buy the lows and sell the highs in the meantime to increase your coins – even in the downtrends.

For the day traders – is there already a signal that will play out in 2-7 days?  Learn how to scalp the little ups and downs, until the take-profit targets are reached, for even more success.

For the scalpers – well, we already know where all those quick percentages can be made and how fast they can add up.  Now, take the next step, join the fastest growing scalping community in the business and learn how our exclusive HODLNATOR can make your scalping even better.

For the total novice – now is the time to learn how to manage your own money, your own destiny, your own wealth and start a new chapter, all while having fun, meeting new people, having lots of laughs and getting lots of support.

So, in the coming days, the next time someone asks you that question, you can tell them that you’ve made the best New Year’s Resolution out there…

 “I will complete the HOLDNOTS Scalp Trading Course in 2022!”

Registrations are closing soon for our 09 January Course.  Join now to learn how to make the scalping process safe and simple with lessons on both Binance and Kucoin.  You will learn how to use our exclusive HODLNATOR, have a sneak peak at our run-finding Bot Tips and have lots of backup with our live support and training.

For more information about or to join the HODLNOTS course, please go to:

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