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published on: November 9th, 2022

The year is almost over, and what a year we’ve had so far. The market has been up and down to be sure, but through it all, the training and education products and services available at Bitcoin Trend & Forecast haven’t failed to deliver. They’ve helped 1000s of people profit even in this ever-changing market.

Now, if you’ve subscribed to one or more of our products or services you’ve most likely joined the live webinars or popped into the Telegram chats that are included with each product and you’ve also most likely heard the analysts and trainers discuss theories and concepts and expertly answer your questions. Well, this month we wanted to share even more – we wanted to peek behind the curtain and take a closer look at the people behind the products. To do this, we’ll be presenting our 20 / 20 series. Twenty questions and answers, that take less than 20 minutes to read, giving you a better insight into our people, what makes them tick and why they are so good at what they do.

So, to kick off the series, we sat down with Nico Le Roux and Cory Gardiner, the force behind the highly successful DTM/UTC group of products.

If you didn’t already know, our DTM Signals product is a cryptocurrency signal service with an amazing track record. DTM Signal trades are called with validity between 2 – 12 days and consistently profitable trade setups & interim updates are provided through an easy-to-use notification telegram channel.

Trade setups include entry points, take-profit points (TP Target Points), suggested stop-loss levels, and everything you need to generate potential to make consistent profits. Along with this data, they have a weekly webinar to discuss the why’s, what’s, and how’s of the signals they provide.

If you would like to actually learn how the “masters” do it, the UTC course is a self-paced, comprehensive learning platform for everyone who would like to learn how to Day Trade, Intra-day Trade, and Long-Term Trade. In addition, with live weekly webinars and with the help of their exclusively coded invite-only DETONATOR Indicator, they teach you the skills to grow your crypto portfolio with confidence as you learn how to do technical analysis. The course focuses on thorough basics, technical analysis, and the most important indicators and exchanges. They also look at the best risk management practices, as well as trading psychology, developing strategies, and much more. They cover the correct, rare unseen trading principles and work together on your strategy.

To help you, even more, The DETONATOR™ BOT (a bot that helps find those great Intraday & longer-term trades) is available separately as an ADD-ON product and has been created for students & future traders who have taken the ULTIMATE DAY TRADE TRAINING COURSE and have access to the DETONATOR™ Indicator.

Now, sometimes you also need a bit of extra help or want to learn a few more things not included in the course above. DTM Essentials is the place to look.

Wallet storage and management are essential whether you are using signals or learning how to trade for yourself. Disaster can ensue if you ignore this all-important, but sometimes forgotten part of trading! Whether you’re a Bitcoin Beginner or a DeFi Degen, this self-paced course will expand your knowledge of Secure Storage and erase bad habits you may have picked up along the way. Manage your portfolio with ease and position for long-term success with cutting-edge storage options that reduce risk. Let them help you avert disaster and learn the best cryptocurrency practices.


So, let’s get to know the two analysts behind these great products and services…onto 20/20 where the tough, and not so tough, questions were asked:



QUESTION 1: What or who is your inspiration?

NICO: Marius Landman

CORY: To harness and witness Blockchain technology forever changing humanity, a level of freedom and transparency we have never seen before.


QUESTION 2: How did you get into Crypto?

NICO: I first started with forensic analysis in the markets back in 2007 and started getting an interest in the crypto markets in 2014. Tried my hand at mining first but ultimately reverted to trading crypto.

CORY: Started exploring as an investment in 2016, buying ETH and LTC on Coinbase and some other shady exchanges and platforms (some of which no longer exist today).


QUESTION 3: Why did you choose your particular style of trading?

NICO: I am a huge perfectionist and quite tough on myself when it comes to learning skills and mostly do things others might think are crazy. I believe if you want to do something well you have to be versed in absolutely everything you acquire a skill for. So, I choose to trade on all time frames and adapt my strategies to fit all styles of trading.

CORY: It brings a perfect balance of time and location freedom; I can cover any unexpected expenses and cover day to day living while also building foundational wealth that will span generations to come (hopefully ha-ha).


QUESTION 4: What is your favourite crypto coin and why?

NICO: BTAF token – because of its potential and the team behind it.

CORY: Tough question, but I’m going to have to go with a project I’ve been witness change the industry for 4+ years now, is the official website.  As an investment, it’s been my best returns (realized 200x), my best crypto experience (incredibly inclusive community) and most exciting technologies (community-led Solana fork, fair-launch and freely-adopted, highly distributed) that is on par with communities 100 times its market cap ($3M) as far as adoption (PowerLedger and others) but is amazingly largely undiscovered so far in the space.


QUESTION 5: What is your favourite indicator?

NICO: The HODLNOTS Hodlnator and DTM Detonator because they have all the inbuild scripts I will ever need.

CORY: DTM Detonator if I’m allowed to be biased, ha-ha of course! But RSI and SRSI combination as far as free indicators on TradingView goes 😉


QUESTION 6: Binance or Kucoin or Bybit and why?

NICO: Binance because of reliability but warming up to Kucoin with great profits there. I also use a couple of other exchanges.

CORY: Tough one! Kucoin for privacy and coin selection when it comes to hidden gems and no KYC up to 1 BTC withdrawal per day though I do love Binance for the P2P features as well as OCO trading in combination with our DTM setups.


QUESTION 7: What is your favourite trading snack and drink?

NICO: My baked Greek lemon tart to snack. To drink – a weird coffee/hot chocolate mix.

CORY: The Mexican in me says Tacos and Tequila! But in all reality, it’s Coffee, Black 🙂


QUESTION 8: What does your trading setup look like? Show us a picture!



CORY: Well, currently my laptop is in the repair shop ☹ I’ll show you a different type of set up…


So, the picture above is what I like to see. This is what our clients see of course, we have very advanced Technical Analysis and Tools that we use to track momentum shifts in the market. CAKE was a prime example of one that went on to make 14% shortly after, with a spike up to 19.18% to close out the trade. This also gives us a perfect opportunity to farm the highs and lows with our Farming and Stop Loss strategies, so 25%-50% or more on a single trade setup is quite possible if a person is willing to put the time and effort into it.


QUESTION 9: What would your ideal Trading Set up look like?

NICO: I am quite happy with my present setup

CORY: My laptop back from the repair shop and as good as new!


QUESTION 10: What was your best trade ever?

NICO: Trading a life-wrenching, low-pay, dangerous and prejudiced government job for freedom and working for myself.

CORY: Buying SAFE at $0.007 and selling 9 months later at $1.40


QUESTION 11: Dog or cat and why?

NICO: Cat – They are emotionally stable and you need to work for their affection.

CORY: Dog for sure though I do love cats. Loyalty, friendly attitude and uninhibited joy is tough to beat.


QUESTION 12: What is your favourite crypto news site(s) and why?

NICO: BitcoinTAF Telegram, socials, and blogs – heaps of true and tested information. STAY AWAY FROM YOUTUBE!!!

CORY: CoinGecko for sure, more on point news and great source of information on projects.


QUESTION 13: Where in the world do you live?

NICO: I live in Cape Town, South Africa

CORY: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


QUESTION 14: Forest or Ocean?


CORY: Forest with Mountain? And a waterfall…. With a hidden lake and I’m all for the Forest ha-Ha, but I live and love living on the beach – need my water and balance.


QUESTION 15: What is the best crypto advice you could give someone?

NICO: Take the right courses. They will save you time and money. Nothing comes easy. It takes time to build up a skill and crypto trading is a skill. Persevere – only you will determine how successful you become. Use weekends and instead of parties – work work work. You will thank yourself in the future. ….and…o, yes..STAY AWAY FROM YOUTUBE !!!!

CORY: Focus on risk management and finding your passion within the space. It’s super easy to make profits in crypto but it’s insanely difficult to keep them. Don’t forget to lick your ice cream before it melts 😉


QUESTION 16: What is your crypto routine?

NICO: I get up at 4 or 5 each morning. Do back testing or research for two hours, watch the news, search for signals, learn something new in trading – I always am open to learning something new – each day, test strategies and patterns, create educational content for my students, give webinars, and before bed does another hour of back testing. I will look at my trades and write down what I could have done better – I will refer to these notes often.

CORY: I replicate the routines of the most successful people in the world, morning and fitness regimen and then charts, charts, charts. Tracking momentum, sorting coins based on position and structure, and pulling fibs on each. Dig for those DeFi gems after that.


QUESTION 17: What is the colour of money?

NICO: Bitcoin Yellow

CORY: The color of Bitcoin, baby!


QUESTION 18: If you could compare yourself with any animal, which would it be and why?

NICO: I have to say a cat – I have the same survival instinct and don’t trust very easily.

CORY: Definitely a great white shark. Relentless yet majestic, terrifyingly accurate yet jaw droppingly elegant with execution.


AND FINALLY…QUESTION 19: What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

NICO: I love what I do and being part of BTAF is a living dream for me. I am an artist as well and paint in oils as well as digitally when I get some time.

CORY: This is where I want to be, and will continue to evolve with the space. But if I had to pick an alternative it’d be in the sustainable community space. Building a brighter future for the 7th generation down the line, and really establishing a foundation and life we can be proud of. Crypto is the financial infrastructure, but we have a long way to go as a species to reach our potential.

Oh ya, Question 20: Would you like to join our family?

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