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Elliott Wave Chart Pattern Algorithms

Elliott Wave Theory Charts Algorithms and Sequences with Tutorial Videos and daily chart updates.


Elliott Wave Chart Pattern Algorithms

One of the best ways to identify market trends is to use Elliott Wave Theory. We deliver an easy-to-follow chart analysis of the world's top cryptocurrencies. You also get access to training material. Once this course is complete, you will know and understand how to read and analyze charts and identify uptrends and downtrends using the BitcoinTAF Elliott Wave Theory.


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Elliott Wave Chart Analysis covering the world's top cryptocurrencies

A BitcoinTAF core product: Elliott Wave Chart Patterns & Algorithms

We offer several educational products and recommend starting with Long Term Trade Reports & Elliott Wave Charts.

Benefits of Long-Term (Daily) + Short-Term (4-hour) Trade Elliott Wave Chart Reports

- 3 to 4 PDF Reports weekly (or as market demands)

- Clear enter and exit plan in Elliott Wave Charts

- The Longer Term Day Charts show the Cycle top and targets

- The shorter term 4-hour shows straightforward entry and exit profit-taking points

- Access to recorded video content

- Private Blog Post Access

- Telegram Channel notifications

- Trusted since 2016

- No lock-in contracts, fast, efficient service, Help Centre private support

- Immediate access once payment is made

- Secure payment via Visa, Mastercard, and Cryptocurrencies.

What is Elliott Wave?

- Elliott Wave (EW) Theory is a technical analysis that looks for recurrent long-term price patterns.

- Patterns are normally related to persistent changes in investor sentiment, psychology, and emotional market behaviour

- EW theory identifies impulse waves that set up a pattern with an uptrend or downtrend and corrective waves

- Each set of waves is then nested within a larger set of waves that adhere to the same impulse or corrective pattern

- We provide Elliott Wave Algorithm and technical analysis on the world's top cryptocurrencies (normally 15/25 top cryptos)

- The chart below is the 4-hour Bitcoin chart as an example

- You will receive 2 to 3 PDF Reports per week indicating the Long Term Daily and the 4-hour chart views

- The peace of mind, immediate bird eye view, and forward-looking chart analysis will give you peace of mind.

- Knowing when to exit a TOP, buying in lower, has never been easier for Long Term, Day, and active Scalp traders.   

An example of a 4-hour Elliott Wave Chart Pattern (some data have been omitted due to privacy)

EW accompanies your Long Term Trade (LTT by Marius Landman) and Medium Term Trade (MTT) Reports.

Members that do Day Trading find this product extremely helpful.

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By now you are signed in to Go to the left TABS and click on MY SUBSCRIPTIONS. A new window will open and you will see your subscription to "Elliott Wave Algorithm Theory" reports. Click the VIEW button and you'll have access to reports, video, blog posts and more. If you pay by a Credit or Debit card you will have immediate access. Payment with Cryptocurrencies may take a bit longer for the blockchain to confirm payment. Once any payment is confirmed, you'll have access to the product you purchased.


Your subscription is managed through your payment option. If you have any issues, feel free to send us a message via the HELP CENTRE and we will assist. CoinPayments or cryptocurrency payments are not automated. Your Credit / Debit card payment can be made automated if you request so but can be managed from within our system after login under YOUR MEMBERSHIP/SUBSCRIPTIONS.


Your Elliott Wave subscription includes a number of free training modules. The training material can be found under MY SUBSCRIPTIONS and under VIDEO content. provide a number of expert training options such as the Live Holdnots Training and the Ultimate Day Trade self-paced training course/s. These courses are exceptional and well worth the time in addition to your included Elliott Wave Theory Training Modules. From time to time we will also upload some extra training content as part of your subscription.


Once logged in, go to the TAB named HELP CENTRE.

Is there a private Telegram Channel for Elliott Wave Theory subscribers?

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to With Elliott Wave, we do not provide a Telegram Broadcast or Chat Channel. The EW Reports form the basis of the discussion around the EW Subscription and from time to time we will upload pre-recorded video material and once a month a Private Zoom Call to subscribers. Bring you Q&A and we will take care of you. It is important to remember that EW questions can also be answered during the Long Term Trade Weekly Zoom Calls.

Do you pay a referral commission and where can I find the Revenue Plan for Affiliates?

Download the Affiliate Revenue Plan by going to HELP CENTRE > Downloads - see Documents. There is also a number of videos that can be downloaded to be used as marketing on social media. Alternatively, you can download the latest Revenue Plan at "Starter Pack" under the tab Revenue Plan.

Ratings & Reviews


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Accurate, great Analysis
These reports are accurate and valuable to my trading strategy. Marius accurately predicted a spike between August 28th and September 19th. Impressive!

Savio B.

Long Term Trade
Thanks to a friend, I got introduced to the BitcoinTAF and the Elliott Wave Algorithm Reports, which have proven to be extremely helpful in my trading endeavours. These reports have made my life significantly easier, and their forecasts have been consistently accurate.

Sean D.

Stunning Reports
Been using the Elliott Wave Algorithm Reports for months now and have made 260% in BCH, 120% in XRP and 124% in XLM.

Dominic Ford

Elliott Wave - quality Reports
As a subscriber to both the long term trade report and Elliott Wave, I have found them to be of excellent quality and highly accurate. The charts provided are detailed and the video reports are a great way to catch up on weekly updates. Overall, I truly enjoy being a part of this group.

Joe Fox

I really enjoy attending the live…
I really enjoy attending the live webinars on Thursdays where they talk about Bitcoin and various ALT coins. I am a devoted follower of the Elliott Wave Report, which has consistently provided very accurate information. The algorithm data used is truly impressive, and I just wanted to give a shoutout to the analysts for their fantastic work.


Helpful Elliott Wave Reports
I find the Elliott Wave Reports to be extremely helpful, as they are detailed and consistently accurate. I make sure to read every single report before making any trades. The team behind them is excellent, and the analysts are truly great at what they do.


The Value Is Amazing
I signed up 30 days ago. I am blown away by this analysis. Having the best experience in my crypto trading life. Thank you, team.


Member for life
I subscribed on 3 January 2023 not knowing what to expect. After 14 days I was sold 100%. This trade group is one of a kind, and blew me away with their analysis, video content and customer support. Quite frankly, I am in awe but only wish I found you folks much earlier. I’ve never seen this type of Elliott Wave algorithm analysis but it works and that’s it. I’ve been trading cryptocurrencies since 2015 and feel like I’ve found a home. I’ll be a member for a long time. Keep up the good work. Almost forgot, the long term trade reports are amazing and awesome! Great work keep it up team. Frank Lance, Florida USA


I found a home with BitcoinTAF
I found a home with Marius Great work Marius and Team. I got referred to your website by a friend and have been a subscriber since October 2018. At first, I was skeptical because of the low price for your service but quickly realized the value of your incredibly detailed timely reports and most recently your blog posts. I find your reporting very helpful. It's the first time I know what to do, investing in cryptos for 4 years now. Since December 15, 2019, my portfolio has increased by almost 122%. I also thank you for making yourself available to chat with a little guy like myself, this shows how humble you are. Thank you to you and your team - my family will forever be grateful! Member for life here. Date of experience: 17 February 2023


I’m a new member since just last month…
I’m a new member since just last month but I’m really enjoying your reports and analysis. I can’t believe how well you have called this current trend - Thank you very much. Date of experience: 01 February 2023


What a great website and fabulous support!
What a great website and fabulous support! Even for beginners it is very easy to start trading! I’m very happy to have chosen Elliott Wave Algorithm and I’ll recommend it to everyone! Keep up the great work!


Happy Premium Member & Webinar…
Happy Premium Member & Webinar… Happy Premium Member & Webinar Subscriber. This team is awesome. They are pushing out quality reports that give great in-site into where the market is heading. I feel a great calm with my trading. The Elliott Wave Algorithm reports are amazing and very helpful. I am also astonished at the amount of time and effort these guys provide weekly on the live webinars. Thank you for all you are doing to help the regular investor. All the best from Michigan, USA Date of experience: 23 February 2023


Fantastic Elliott Wave Theory
Fantastic product, just what I was looking for. Thank you and awesome to the point analysis. Member since 2018.


This method has helped me with my trade entries and exits in a massive way! So thankful for all I have learned from this community and the willingness to share knowledge. Greatest investment we can make is in our selves through education and developing life long skillsets. This is what BTAF is to me!


Elliot Wave - Technical Analysis
Outstanding & Always Insightful Marius! I’ve subscribed to the Elliott Wave Theorist (Robert Pretcher, et al) for over a decade; and interestingly, recall the first mention of BTC at $0.06 in their circa 2010 issue. ABOVE ALL however, Marius has delivered a deep dive / educational analysis of Elliot Wave that is easy to grasp & apply. I’ve been a student & practitioner os EW and learned a lot in three short modules - Bravo! 🙏RLTRealty