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Stay ahead of the Bitcoin trend and make informed trading decisions

If you're searching for reliable Long Term Trade Reports and Elliott Wave Charts, this BitcoinTAF subscription service is the best.

Active subscribers get access to both products (Long Term and Elliott Wave Reports)

Our educational products offer a range of benefits, including access to our proprietary predictive algorithm chart patterns, mathematical equations, and time cycles. With our algorithm's ability to predict long-term price action in multiple cryptocurrencies, you can be confident in your trades up to 18 months ahead. Our reports provide precise entry and exit positions, ensuring you never miss a top exit or low entry. Plus, with access to recorded video content, weekly private webinars, and private blog posts, you'll have all the tools you need to succeed.trtry

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We have been trusted since 2016, providing fast, efficient service and private support, and our unique approach has helped our members achieve 512% profit even during down-cycle markets. Don't miss out - sign up today and lock in your price for life!

Bitcoin Trend & Forecast core product: Long Term Trade Reports & Elliott Wave Charts (now included)

Our educational product line has multiple options, but we suggest beginning with the Long Term Trade Reports, which feature detailed Elliott Wave Algorithm Charts.

Benefits of Long-Term Trade Reports by Marius Landman

- As an example, we called the top in April 2021, and our reports indicated to stay out for 9-13 months

- On June 18 2022, our Algorithm Charts indicated a low, and our members started to enter new ALT positions

- Our proprietary #13 Mastery Algorithm Pattern has been 100% correct since April 2022

- This #13 Mastery Pattern has also predicted the break upwards on January 1 2023, in Bitcoin

- Our algorithm accurately predicted numerous cryptocurrency spikes, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, BCH, and several other ALT coins.

- Expect 3 to 4 PDF Reports weekly or as the market demands

- The Long Term Charts show the Cycle top and targets; never miss a TOP exit

- The shorter 4-hour Elliott Wave Charts indicate an immediate market direction; never miss a LOW entry

- Clear enter and exit positions shown in Elliott Wave Algorithm Charts

- Access to recorded video content (at your leisure) plus weekly Private Webinars (Q&A)

- Telegram Channel notifications with immediate access to new data reports

- Trusted since 2016

- No lock-in contracts, fast, efficient service, Help Centre private support

- Immediate access once payment is made

- Secure various payment options via Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Stripe or Cryptocurrencies and BTAF tokens.

We are pleased to inform you that all new subscribers since January 1, 2023, will receive the Elliott Wave Algorithm Subscription as an additional perk with their LTT Reports subscription. This subscription is valued at US$1788 per year, and once you subscribe, your EW Subscription will remain locked for the duration of your subscription unless cancelled by you. Please note that specific Terms and Conditions apply.

Technical Analysis using Algorithm Sequences, Mathematical Equations & Time Cycles

Our unique proprietary predictive algorithm can foresee long-term price action in multiple cryptocurrencies.

In some studied cases, we have found that the predictive algorithm indicates market direction up to 18 months ahead. 

Mathematical equations indicate targets & percentages, while date cycles indicate ending patterns.

Strategies are generally long-term (30 to 90 days and up to 3 months).

For example, our Litecoin Trade since 2013 is now up over 5600%.

Reports include the proprietary predictive algorithm chart patterns

- Long Term Trade Reports include Analysis of several selected ALT coins with the occasional Defi & NFT included

- Our selection includes most cryptocurrencies, GOLD, SILVER, DXY, and an overview of the Dow Jones (Stock Markets)

- No need to pay anyone else for Gold, Silver, DXY or DJI - we have it all, and we make it easy to understand

- This is the recommended subscription to 10 times your portfolio year after year, even in downtrend markets

- During the 2017 - 2018 Bitcoin down cycle, our group still made 512% profit, and we continuously do so year after year.

How does lifetime Access work?

Invest in lifetime access to Long Term Trade Reports for $ 5,000 now.

We will refund the total amount after 18 months.

With this investment, you will gain access to Long Term Trade Reports for a lifetime.

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Marius Landman

Founder and Managing Partner at Bitcoin Trend & Forecast Pty Ltd

Founder at BTAF

Editor of Long Term Trade Reports (LTT) and Elliott Wave Reports (EW).

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