Elliott Wave Chart Pattern Algorithms

Elliott Wave Theory Charts Algorithms and Sequences with Tutorial Videos and daily chart updates.

Published on 27-07-2021

Elliott Wave Chart Pattern Algorithms

One of the best ways to identify market trends is to use Elliott Wave Theory. We deliver an easy-to-follow chart analysis of the world's top cryptocurrencies. You also get access to training material. Once this course is complete, you will know and understand how to read and analyze charts and identify uptrends and downtrends using the BitcoinTAF Elliott Wave Theory.


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Elliott Wave Chart Analysis covering the world's top cryptocurrencies

A BitcoinTAF core product: Elliott Wave Chart Patterns & Algorithms

We offer several educational products and recommend starting with Long Term Trade Reports & Elliott Wave Charts.

Benefits of Long-Term (Daily) + Short-Term (4-hour) Trade Elliott Wave Chart Reports

- 3 to 4 Analytical Data Reports weekly (or as market demands)

- Occasional training Modules explaining Elliott Wave analysis

- Clear enter and exit plan in Elliott Wave Data Charts

- The Longer Term Day Charts show the Cycle top and targets

- The shorter term 4-hour shows straightforward entry and exit profit-taking points

- Access to recorded video content, and some training material and webinar content

- Private Blog Post Access

- Telegram Channel notifications

- Trusted since 2016

- No lock-in contracts, fast, efficient service, Help Centre private support

- Immediate access once payment is made

- Secure payment via Visa, Mastercard, and Cryptocurrencies.

What is the Elliott Wave?

- The Elliott Wave (EW) Theory is a technical analysis that looks for recurrent long-term price patterns.

- Patterns are normally related to persistent changes in investor sentiment, psychology, and emotional market behaviour

- EW theory identifies impulse waves that set up a pattern with an uptrend or downtrend and corrective waves

- Each set of waves is then nested within a larger set of waves that adhere to the same impulse or corrective pattern

- We provide Elliott Wave Algorithm and technical analysis on the world's top cryptocurrencies (normally 15/25 top cryptos)

- The chart below is the 4-hour Bitcoin chart as an example

- You will receive 2 to 3 PDF Reports per week indicating the Long Term Daily and the 4-hour chart views

- The peace of mind, immediate birdseye view, and forward-looking chart analysis will give you peace of mind.

- Knowing when to exit a TOP, buying in lower, has never been easier for Long Term, Day, and active Scalp traders.   

An example of a 4-hour Elliott Wave Chart Pattern (some data have been omitted due to privacy)

EW accompanies your Long Term Trade (LTT by Marius Landman) and Medium Term Trade (MTT) Reports.

Members that do Day Trading find this product extremely helpful.