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Welcome to Inner Circle Private Group

This product has been created for our Inner Circle members who already purchased the 12 month Inner Circle Product that included a list of products.

This is an option for you as an Inner Circle member to purchase a subscription again but it will exclude the courses that you already purchased with the previous subscription. 

Our Team of experienced analysts are here to assist you to grow your portfolio. We will provide you the correct training and guidance in making objective timely decisions either entering new trades or exiting on highs.

Preservation of your capital and then growing your portfolio over a longer term period is our goal.

Based on your individual needs, here is what you can expect with this add-on product (summary):

- Intro Review of Portfolio

- Asset Management Workbook

- Ask Me Anything (AMW) consultation

- Private Telegram Chat Group with access to Team Analysts

- Private Weekly Live Zoom Calls with like minded traders

- Long Term Trade Reports by Marius Landman

- MTT Crypto Reports

- Day Trade Masters - Day Trade Signals

- Elliott Wave Analysis (value over $320)

- Access to our Lead Analysts Marius Landman Trade Calls 

More Details

As a member benefit upon joining, you receive an analysis of your portfolio and current trading strategy. Please bring your own personal advisor to this meeting if you have one.

Within 48 hours we’ll set up an introductory call to answer any pressing questions or concerns.

Based on your feedback and goals we design a trading and portfolio management strategy to help achieve your objectives.

Immediate access to the Asset Management Workbook

Immediate access to the private Telegram Cat Channel and access to the Team Analysts, Marius Landman included.

Your initial consultation and in-depth report take roughly 14 days to complete. Subsequent reports take less time.

We check back in with you regularly via your private Inner Circle Telegram Group and provide a top-level analysis of your portfolio on a quarterly basis to ensure you are executing your strategic plan and are on track to achieving your goals.

Our team of analysts communicate with you via a dedicated private Telegram Channel, and you receive access to the private Inner Circle announcement channel.

In addition to the above, you'll receive immediate access to all private Trade Calls via a private and secure Telegram Channel and Inner Circle ONLY Blog Posts.

Timely short, mid-term and longer-term trade calls, buy and sell targets, stop loss settings, the occasional well researched quality ICO's communicated to our members via the ICPG announcements channel.

Weekly scheduled and un-scheduled Zoom calls

An industry exclusive, access to a custom designed version of NOSIS allowing for direct, real time portfolio visibility between client and advisor.

You also receive the following benefits:

Quarterly access to well vetted project/s in the pre-sale phase of funding, when available.

Products included with your Inner Circle add-on Membership

- 6 or 12 month access to the Long Term Trade Reports by Marius Landman

- 6 or 12 month access to the MTT Crypto Reports

- 6 or 12 Month access to Day Trade Masters including all private trade signals in a private Telegram Channel 

- 6 or 12 Month access to Elliott Wave Theory and Count Reports. 

Products Excluded with your Inner Circle add-on Membership

- Excludes the Ultimate Crypto Day Trading Course exclusively managed by our top Day Trade Analyst, Nico le Roux (Already purchased with previous subscription)

- Excludes Hodlnots Scalp Trading Course, the Hodlnator Indicator (including Buy & Sell tags) and Team managed by Wendy Landman (Already purchased with previous subscription) 

Inner Circle membership can be paid in crypto currency, Bitcoin, Litecoin, DGB and/or USDT.

Please arrange a private consultation prior to joining. We recommend a portfolio of minimum USDT50,000.

You can schedule a zoom call with Marius and Wendy Landman with email at 

Welcome to Inner Circle Private Group

The Team @ BitcoinTAF


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