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The Ultimate Day Trade Training Course

The Ultimate Day Trade Training Course 


The Ultimate Day Trade Training Course

Recorded Video Course with weekly LIVE training Telegram Channel.


17 Ratings & 17 Reviews

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Unveiling the Ultimate Trading Education Course: Master the Dynamics of Day, Medium, and Long-Term Trading!

This program is now available with invaluable resources, including the cutting-edge DETONATOR™ Indicator and an interactive Telegram Training Channel.

Exclusive to this course, we're offering the DETONATOR™ - the ultimate trading tool designed for both day and long-term trading, absolutely FREE!

Begin your journey towards trading mastery with IMMEDIATE ACCESS to this power-packed course. Seize this opportunity to transform your trading skills today!

INCLUDED FREE - ONLY with this course - The DETONATOR™ - The ULTIMATE Day & Long Term Trading Indicator - IMMEDIATE ACCESS!

The Detonator™ Indicator works on CRYPTO / STOCKS / FOREX - MARKETS



 - A Wealth of Support: We ensure you're never alone on your trading journey!

 - Elite Access: Benefit from direct connections to top-notch analysts and trainers.

  - Assistive Telegram Channel: A dedicated space to aid your studies and answer your queries.

  - Regular Insights: Access weekly webinars and recordings filled with valuable insights. We already have a vast library of precious information!

  - Comprehensive Material: Over 30 chapters of unique, rarely-seen content designed to level up your trading knowledge.

  - Valuable Resources: Prerecorded chapters, practical workbooks, insightful charts, and more to enhance learning.

  - The Ultimate Tool: Gain access to the DETONATOR™ - Your go-to tool for day, intraday, and long-term trading, completely free with a lifetime subscription!

  - Innovative Tech: Discover the DETONATOR™ BOT, your assistant to unearth fantastic intraday and longer-term trades.

 - Focused Learning: Cut through the noise of social media. Learn only what you need for a successful trading journey!



Bitcoin Trend & Forecast proudly present : The Ultimate Trading Course For Day, Intra-day & Long Term Trading

Ignite your crypto growth journey with our empowering training!

Our course is designed to instill you with the confidence and skills necessary to expand your cryptocurrency portfolio.

Key Highlights Include:

- A comprehensive exploration of fundamental basics, ensuring a strong foundation for your trading journey.

- Master the art of technical analysis, indicators, and exchanges, which are crucial in the ever-evolving crypto world.

- Learn to identify and manage risks effectively, a vital skill for any successful trader.

- Dive into the psychology of trading. Unravel strategies and tactics for a balanced mindset and optimum decision-making.

- Say goodbye to stress and wasted time over trial and error. With our course, you get a clear, well-structured roadmap to success.

- Discover rare and effective trading principles often overlooked in mainstream education.

- Enjoy collaborative strategy-building. We work alongside you, refining your strategy and bolstering your trading acumen.

Equip yourself with the knowledge and strategy to navigate the dynamic world of crypto trading confidently and effectively.

Navigate your learning journey at your own rhythm with our fully flexible, self-paced course.

Each chapter in our course comes alive with interactive training workbooks and downloads, designed to enrich your learning experience and stimulate active engagement.

As a unique feature of this course, we're thrilled to offer you the DETONATOR™ - the ultimate trading indicator for day and long-term traders. Enjoy lifetime access to this powerful tool, absolutely free!

Also available is the innovative DETONATOR™ BOT - your companion for identifying the best trades. Note: This resource is available as a separate offering.

Embrace a course that evolves with the times! As technology progresses, so does our course content. Stay at the forefront of trading education with our frequent updates and additions of new insightful chapters!

Ready to elevate your trading game? The DETONATOR™ BOT, designed exclusively for students and budding traders from our ULTIMATE DAY TRADE TRAINING COURSE, is your perfect trading ally. This add-on product complements the DETONATOR™ Indicator, acting as a dynamic tool to identify your next big trade. Upon enrolling in the course, the BOT becomes available for purchase in our Online Store. Take the next step in your trading journey with the DETONATOR™ BOT!


What we don't cover:

Scalping - Please refer to the HODLNOTS Scalping Course at BitcoinTAF) 


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Video and materials presented are not financial advice.

All content available through this channel is for educational purposes only.

BitcoinTAF is not liable for the outcomes of any investments or trades.

Ensure at all times risks involved in trading is fully understood.

The instructional material and indicators provided by are protected by intellectual property and copyright laws. Your enrollment in this course constitutes an acceptance of these laws, and you commit to adhere to them. Any violation of these terms may result in accusations of copyright infringement and a perpetual prohibition from accessing the course content and any associated indicators.


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Do you accept Crypto payments?


For who is this course intended?

The Course has been developed to suite Beginner, Intermediate and even more seasoned Traders. No matter your skill level - You will find great value as the trainer delves deep into every facet of trading.Trading is an ongoing technology and the trainer updates relevant courseware frequently. You get the newest information and skills first hand.

How is the Ultimate Trading Course structured & delivered?

The Course is prerecorded and a working book is supplied with each chapter for the student to go back and reflect as well as apply/practise/study everything they learned in the corrosponding chapter before moving on to the next chapter. These activities will apply the knowledge that you gathered in an efficient way.

Will I have contact with the trainers if I have a question?

The trainers will have live zoom calls regularly where they will answer any questions you may have regarding the course. These Links will be shared in the events section of The Ultimate Trading Course so please take note of them. These zoom meetings will only be open to sucscribers of the course.

What do you cover and include in the course?

The Ultimate Trading Course offers fundamentals, intermediate & more advanced trading techniques, methods, tactics & strategies. We also teach trading psychology to have students develop the correct trading mindset. We include everything you need to know in Crypto Trading in a self-paced modular chapter structure which is accompanied by workbooks for each chapter. The course is not merely information videos but packed with a lot of training and support material interaction. Gone are the days of endless searches on YouTube and receiving incomplete or false information Some of the subjects we cover : Fundamentals of Trading Fundamental & Technical Analysis with Confluence Indicators/Scripts - The Indicators that WORK & Implementation Trading Strategies Risk Management & Your Trading Mindset Exchanges & many MORE.......

What is the end expectation of the course?

After completing the course you will have a well-developed understanding of Day, Intra-Day, Swing & Long Term Trading, will have a sought-after skill set and trading strategy that will ensure success and profitability.

Do you pay a referral commission and where can I find the Revenue Plan for Affiliates?

Download the Affiliate Revenue Plan by going to HELP CENTRE > Downloads - see Documents. There is also a number of videos that can be downloaded to be used as marketing on social media.


The Detonator is a BTAF trademarked Indicator specially designed for Day / Intra-Day / Swing & Long Term Trading. It has proven to be deadly accurate with technical analysis. It consists of 15 powerful indicators such as Volume Weighted Averages and Oscillators.

How do I get hold of THE DETONATOR?

THE DETONATOR is only available when taking the Ultimate Trading course - it's free to all Ultimate Trading Course students.

Can I buy THE DETONATOR seperately?

No, THE DETONATOR is only available to students of the Ultimate Trading Course.

How long will I be able to have access to THE DETONATOR?

Once you purchase the Ultimate Trading Course you will get LIFETIME access to THE DETONATOR as well as future updates.

Ratings & Reviews


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UTC Course
I started trading FX in 2011 and came accros the course at the beginning of 2023 and truly wish that I could have done it in 2011 already, for, even after all the experience, the course just settled and ordered what I had learned and made me a much more confident trader. I would suggest that every trader, or want to be trader, no matter what the experience level, will profit from taking this course... Also, can't even imagine looking at a chart without the detonator.

Sharon W.

I completed a 6-month UTC course that has allowed me to trade cryptocurrencies full-time. The trade indicators were helpful and impressive. I want to thank the fantastic team behind this course. 🙏🏼

Matthew S.

Great training course
I joined the training course a year ago, and I must admit, it's the best one I have ever come across, and it doesn't come with a hefty price tag.

Jonathan M.

The best trading course ever
The UTC provides highly detailed and informative information I have never seen before. Their team possesses vast knowledge, which has dramatically simplified my trading experience.


Highly Recommended
After a few years of blindly trading cryptocurrencies I was thankfully introduced to BitcoinTAF. The time and energy commitment in taking the UTC Course is worth it. The video content is well-thought out, methodical and well presented. I thought I knew charting, but UTC takes your knowledge to a whole new level. Nico and Cory are very wise and patient teachers. Highly recommended.


Ultimate Trading Course
Love that it's self paced with weekly webinars and homework to practice the skill. For, me this format and Keeping things simple has helped my calmness in trades. I like knowing the why behind the trends and not just using indicators. The instructors are top notch and empower you to become a better trader.


I learned so much in just Module 1
Today I just finished Module 1 of this multi-module course. Module 1 covers the basics to give you a strong foundation in your learning. In my opinion the chapters on TradingView were priceless. I did not know how much of TradingView I did not know! I knew TradingView was a powerful platform for technical analysis. This course taught me just how awesome a platform TradingView is for technical trading. I am looking forward to starting and completing the next module and learning so much more!!


Ultimate Trading Course
I would like to thank Nico and his team for excellent coaching and education in this course. The way they compiled the course is easy to follow and understand. I really would like to thank all involved with the BTAF courses for all the coaching and skills we as learners are receiving. I have done the Hodlnots course as well and I can really only compliment all. Thank you Marius and Wendy for giving people all over the world the change to be educated on trading in crypto's.


Life-changing day trade course
The Ultimate Day Trade course is the best training I've ever done. It is a life-changing day trade course. Respect to Nico, Cory, and Marius. Well done. By the way, I am a seasoned investor and did not expect this level of insight, it's remarkable thorough and I've learned things I never knew in my 15 years of career trading Stock Markets and now also Cryptocurrencies. I'm a private fund manager and now a member for life here at BitcoinTAF. Great team!

Pearl M.

My review
Training is excellent and support is second to none.


Suitable for anyone! No matter where you are on your crypto journey.
If you are looking for a course that will enable you to do your analysis this course is perfect! Iv learnt so much already and the course is far from over. Highly recommend! This course would even work for newbies as it also covers basics.

S. Finley

Detailed content
Thank you for the detailed content and thorough information. The presenters are excellent, the content is world class. I appreciate the fact the video can be sped up 2 x - makes it a bit easier to go through all content. The 12 month access is wonderful, thank you BTAF and Team, thank you Nico! S. Finley


I've never encountered a course where so much detail are shared. Everything are taught to the tee! I'm blown away with the standard of the presenters! I so wish I could start with this course 5 years ago when I started with my crypto journey. I could save myself a lot of headaches, lost funds etc etc. Well done guys! This course is a must for every beginner, intermediate and experienced trader. Thank you so much! I'm forever grateful!


Fantastic Day Trade Course
This course meets and exceeds all my expectations. I found a home and I intent to stay a member for a looooong time. Thank you Nico and team and all involved. Awesome work - baie goed. Van Kaapstad.


Building Trading and Investing Foundations the Right Way
I wish this course was available when I first entered this space! I have learned so many more efficient methods of charting and analysis. And having a community to share ideas and experiences with just reinforces and excels the learning process. Great course!


Excellent content and very much helpful
The first set of videos I watched appears to be excellent content. Its helpful and great detailed content. I am looking forward to learning more from upcoming video material.