At this advanced level, our crypto experts and analysts evaluate and interpret various factors related to cryptocurrencies, virtual currencies and the crypto market.


The following products and services are for traders who prefer a medium-term strategy that involves detailed analysis of trade setups, entry and take-profit points, reports, weekly live calls with skilled analysts, or dialled-in BOTS. There is something for everyone! Please read our Disclaimer at the end of the page.


Day Trade Signals by

Dat Trade masters

To bring your strategy full circle with foundational items beating out inflation and outperforming other industries, swing trades to compound your portfolio growth along the way and quick profits to cover bills and expenses, we want to harness Day Trade Masters (DTM) 2-14 Day Trade strategy.


DTM is the ultimate source of high-impact, proven-to-be-profitable ALT coin trading setups and training. These are the same analysts who brought our community 2500+% cumulative profit in 2022 (the worst possible year for traditional and Crypto markets alike) with an 88% average success rate.


It’s important to continue evolving your skills and strategy as your portfolio grows and evolves. From here, we can solidify revenue streams and further diversify your approach through ongoing education and guidance. The idea is to become completely independent from the reports skill-wise but be able to lean on them to enjoy more time on the things that make life worth living.


Medium-Term Trade Crypto Reports (MTT)

If you’re looking for more growth-focused cryptocurrencies that take advantage of the top-performing trends like AI, Metaverse, NFTs, DeFi, and Web 3 to diversify your portfolio across major industries inside the crypto markets, look no further than Medium Term Trade Crypto Reports (“MTT”).


Once you’ve established your foundation, crank up your strategy (and profits), where we deliver you easy-to-understand reports that include 7-to-45-day ALT coin trading setups that can be used alongside the Long Term and Elliott Wave reports


All our Reports include weekly live updates to help you get the most out of the information and where you can replicate our strategies and get updates on any last-minute market changes – keeping you fully informed to make the best decisions trading your portfolio.


This is perfect for those looking to consistently realise profits and swing trade the market tops and bottoms across a more diverse portfolio to minimise downside risk. You can come and ask your questions on various topics, from Political Atmospheres and International Conflict to Risk Assessment and Strategy.  


Hodlnots DEN Community

If you are a trader who enjoys being part of a live global trading community, then the Hodlnots DEN is the perfect place to go. The DEN is a place where traders worldwide have access to calls about coins currently moving and tips from seasoned trainers, traders and coin spotters. You can also participate in monthly contests and ad-hoc live Zoom trading sessions with Wendy Landman and the trainers. NOTE these are not training sessions. If you want to learn how to trade, please take the Hodlnots Scalp Trading Course

Barney BOT

The Barney BOT is an automated BOT running on servers that you can use to identify potential trend tips. It has been created for traders who understand trading and would like a channel where suggestions are thrown out based on specific indicators.


It’s an exclusive BOT channel on Telegram that signals when the Lagging Span Indicator (BARNEY) meets the Top Bollinger Band. This is great for traders who need a shortcut to finding potential coins on the Kucoin and Binance exchanges to scalp on the 1m, 15m and 1hr charts. BARNEY Bot comprises ten bots (6 Barney and 4 Blue Candle/Cup & Handle).  

Barney Bot
Chart Patterns

Ultimate Chart Patterns

Only trade with the Ultimate Chart Patterns book! Technical Analysis is made easy with the world’s most detailed Chart Patterns Book, searchable, easy to read and printable in PDF.

Traders have named it The Ultimate Trade Pattern Book for world stock markets, and now specifically for cryptocurrency traders. We continuously update and provide more charts, patterns and cycles.