3 cryptocurrencies that could out perform SHIB INU and Bitcoin

published on: November 1st, 2021

The past 24 months the Dow Jones has performed mediocre to
that of the Cryptocurrency markets. In the meantime, Shiba Inu’s #SHIB tokens
have gained over 16,000,000%, based on a price of $0.00008220 per token. This
gains out performs the world stock markets by almost 16 million percent.

 What caused SHIB to literally spike 16 million percent and is
it sustainable? We believe it is sustainable but let’s have a look to why #SHIB
had this massive increase in gains and what is ahead:

 1. Today, more and more exchanges have added SHIB to their
platforms. More accessibility means improved liquidity, social acceptance,
brand recognition, and a growing SHIB community pushed by exchanges around the

 2. The activities related to the decentralized exchange
ShibaSwap encourages traders to stake their SHIB coins.

 3. The absence of a SHIB ETF is great news for SHIB traders.
While Bitcoin claims to have only 21,000,000 coins, the ETF approved Bitcoin
trade platforms literally ensure Bitcoin is now in unlimited supply because 1
single Bitcoin can now be traded 100x without the need to have a physical
Bitcoin in your possession. That’s how ETFs work, they create contracts based
upon thin air and based upon the fact that they can randomly sell 1 x Bitcoin
to 100+ investors – what a joke really.

 So SHIB, not having an ETF, makes it way more lucrative and a
better bet for the man on the street, the soccer moms and dads.

 SHIB will go on to create life altering gains and will most
likely set the smart investor FREE. As usual, this post is not financial advice
but merely an opinion created by the writer.

The two under the radar cryptocurrencies that could outperform
SHIB is no doubt #FLOKI and #DOGE coins. We are going to add #AKITA to this group too. We are going to add  But I will not bet on one single coin.
The cryptocurrency markets are starting to heat up again and one should trade
with a clear plan in place, with stop limits, undergo some training and
education. Here at BitcoinTAF.com we make sure you understand technical
indicators, and when you have completed a Hodlnots Training course, there is
nothing stopping you to reach your unlimited potential.

 So, let the naysayers of #SHIB be out there shouting not to
buy SHIB while we trade it up and down and take profit the whole time.

 After all, Wall Street is only interested in ETFs and we hope
they stay away from the people’s coin, SHIB. Till then, I personally see now
issue with SHIB and we could see another runup to $0.001 for a 2000% gain. It won’t
stop there.

However, there is a warning! In the latest Live Recording
from Senior Analyst Marius Landman, at BiotcoinTAF.com, he warned about an
impending drop coming by 2022. To get some extra data re this potential
pullback, and a point where you really want to take profit, protect your
investment, join BitcoinTAF.com and get access to the Long-Term Trade Reports
by Marius Landman.

 For now, if you are new, start with the Hodlnots Training by
Wendy and the Hodlnots team. You won’t be disappointed.

 The Team at BitcoinTAF.com

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