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published on: June 15th, 2022

‘Never give up. The cryptocurrency opportunity will be your biggest opportunity ever!’ – Marius Landman – Founder BitcoinTAF

“Sheer excellence” , “very supportive” , “educational and profitable” – Powerful words that have been used to describe the very popular, and one of the original products from BITCOIN TREND AND FORECAST : DAY TRADE MASTERS (Originally Trendsig).

Day Trading is a popular day, intra-day, or swing trading strategy where technical analysis is used to set up trades that play out between 2 -12 days. Many traders, however, simply do not have the time or skill set to perform the advanced technical analysis that is required.

Since the early days, the crypto arena has longed for quality day trading information and Bitcoin Trend & Forecast Founder Marius Landman had the idea to make it easy – to provide Day trading information, in the form of signals, in a closed group. His vision came to fruition when, in 2019, TRENDSIG was born – providing a Telegram Channel where regular, easy-to-understand, consistent and profitable trade set-ups were posted for subscribers.Since its inception, Trendsig proved to be popular and helped many traders make informed decisions with the right risk management and mindset.

In 2021 a new Lead and a new Senior Analyst was appointed and TRENDSIG was rebranded as DAY TRADE MASTERS. Day Trade Masters (DTM) took on the initiative to create more quality, rare, and very popular trading, training and education products to fit the needs of all their subscribers. The main product, DTM Signals, has become one of the most popular, accurate and profitable Day trade signals channels in the world today.

Day Trade Setups include entry, target point, and stop-loss levels.


For those, though, who want to delve deeper into technical analysis and trading mindset and would like to become highly skilled and successful traders in their own right, DTM has released the ULTIMATE DAY TRADE COURSE. Presented by DTM Analysts, the course provides full-on support, a proprietary indicator called the DETONATOR™, as well as its own trading bot to help.


To help even more, DTM recently launched DTM ESSENTIALS – Video Courses under one umbrella on a selection of popular Trading Subjects.


DTM also hosts Weekly Live and Interactive market updates – giving subscribers the opportunity to interact with the analysts and ask any and all relevant questions.


In addition to our weekly live calls, DTM also has very popular and regular DAY OF THE BULL webinars which features Bitcoin TAF founder Marius Landman and DTM analysts. Both long-term and Day Trading in an upmarket are discussed and great Day Trade Signals are shared.

As for the team, we have some of the most experienced Technical Analysts and trainers specializing in cryptocurrency markets, today.

Nico le Roux

Our Lead Analyst, with 16 years experience as a criminalistic analyst together with a strong interest in technology, Nico focuses on trading, chart analysis, crypto technology, and training. Knowledge sharing and helping others achieve their goals at BitcoinTAF is Nico’s main priority.

Cory Gardiner

Our Senior Analyst started his crypto journey in late 2016 and went full-time into crypto in 2017. He has helped hundreds of people transition from beginner to advanced and to go full time into Crypto. Cory’s amount of knowledge and experience, as well as his passion for helping others – especially the less fortunate – makes him an invaluable part of the team.

Become part of DAY TRADE MASTERS – THE ORIGINAL TEAM OF DAY TRADE SIGNAL & EDUCATION INNOVATION and let us help you achieve your goals !

Day Trade Signals from Day Trade Masters #DTM (TrendSig)

The Ultimate Day Trade Training Course


The Day Trade Masters Team 

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