Benefiting from MTT & LTT Crypto Reports

published on: October 14th, 2022

Benefiting from MTT & LTT Crypto Reports 

Can you succeed in a recession? The simple answer is, YES you can!

In these times of volatile markets, global conflict, inflation, interest rate hikes, and other political factors, how do you position yourself to take the most advantage of crypto trading opportunities? offers two exceptional products to members who are serious about trading as, actually, there has never been a better time to start – bull market or bear market aside. Cycles will always be there, nothing will change, and history will always repeat itself as global economies grow and contract; unfolding in front of our eyes.

Long-Term Trade Reports (LTT) paired up with Medium Term Trade Reports (MTT) offer the most comprehensive analysis any trader can expect, or want to have, at their fingertips.

Retail traders often struggle to bank profits. There is a shared feeling among new entrants to the market that buying an asset means never selling. It feels almost like swearing a blood oath to the market makers. This, obviously, can be a foolish way to approach the market. Using the two reports together will give you the confidence to break this cycle and take profits at the right time.

Long Term Trade Reports (LTT)

Long-Term Trade Reports, using the proprietary algorithm that predicts future prices and targets for Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies, will guide you with your longer-term planning and vision (6 months to 18 months or even 5 years) to build up a core portfolio with the strongest coins in the market. For example, Marius had a long-term vision when he bought Litecoin, back in 2015, between $1-3. Today, he is up 2600% and still holding for the future, although he did manage to shave some profits close to the highs for a gain of 11,700%! Long Term Trade reports provide access to the future algorithmic predictions of tokens where price may be over time and it teaches you to ride out the lows without fear when the market experiences corrections. It’s vitally important to understand that corrections are the best time to accumulate if you have a long-term horizon.


Medium Term Trade Reports (MTT)

MTT Crypto Reports, on the other hand, will guide you through shorter-term cycles to benefit from maximum gains within 7 – 45 days.

Below is a perfect example of how a trade played out within 16 days, from MTT, with a gain of 51% at the top end of resistance where members took profits. The data provided is easy to understand and entry and exit points are clearly explained. This is KEY to secure an increase in your portfolio and trade cycles within any market.

Relative to price, time catches up with everything so knowing long-term timeframe and cycle trends from LTT and learning about the coins that can outperform Bitcoin within the strongest crypto assets with MTT can benefit you and your portfolio.

Steering your trading career, whether it is full time or part time, through up or down cycles should not become overwhelming even though emotions can easily take control. Connecting with a supportive, professional team, who is dedicated to bringing you the most precise technical analysis, is what differentiates those who pay too much in school fees, and depletes their trading capital, vs. those who build up wealth over time.

Remember, everything you will ever need is in front of you everyday. It is a matter of your action that will determine the outcome of your decision. 

If cash feels comfortable, then be in cash, but if crypto is still a part of your long term plan, then you are in the right spot. Only you are able to multiply your income and create freedom for yourself with our support.

Anyone can become part of our community, invest in their future and start to succeed with our feature Combo Deal MTT & LTT product.

Your only step is to take action.

SAVE $160 on the 12-month Package (BEST VALUE)
SAVE $40 on the 6-month Package
SAVE $20 on the 3-month Package

Crypto is one of the few opportunities in our current era to create wealth for a lifetime.

The combination of these two reports, we say, is all you need to grow your crypto portfolio.


Marius Landman, Founder Bitcoin Trend & Forecast, Lead Analyst at LTT

  See you on the inside of!

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