BitcoinCash will make a great buy!

published on: October 11th, 2021

#BitcoinCASH #BCH 

Welcome to all new members from around the world as we now approach almost 8000 users on and welcome to this Telegram Channel – stay tuned and hit that notification button.

As you may recall, our algorithm pointed to a drop 3-5 September 2021 and we exit/sold positions at the top. We then mentioned most to all cryptocurrencies is expected to take a slow 50-60% death drop – it will be slow and grueling and we mentioned to prepare mentally for a dragged out timeline. Congrats to all members for being patient and taking your time not to fear the markets, well done and I have received many emails of people being happy, calm and taking their time to analyze markets.
You will be rewarded, and in this case, with BCH, we follow as per report #326, most likely, a 50% drop to the downside. A buy within the range of 450 to 370 will be a great opportunity. If anything changes we will post and notify on Telegram. The next upside in BCH will be stunning!


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