BitcoinTAF is going to Crypto Fest 2022!

published on: August 31st, 2022

BitcoinTAF will be exhibiting at Crypto Fest 2022 on 30 September 2022 in Cape Town!

“Smile, you don’t own all the problems in the world.” – Marius Landman, Founder of Bitcoin Trend and Forecast.

Since 2016, Bitcoin Trend and Forecast (BitcoinTAF) has been one of the most trusted sources for thousands of traders who look to them to provide training, technical data, and fundamental research at every skill level within the cryptocurrency industry.

Whether you are a novice in need of some technical training or an accomplished trader looking to add that extra edge to your portfolio, BitcoinTAF has designed a product to help you achieve your trading, mindset and strategic goals.

The team consists of industry leaders in their specific field of analysis. They are also trusted by thousands of members globally and provide unbiased, transparent trade strategies and training.

For the novice traders, there are courses and global communities to provide beginners with the basic knowledge and trading foundation to be able to move onto the next level like:

– The Hodlnots Scalp Trading Course

– The Ultimate Day Trading Course

For accomplished traders who already have a solid base of crypto knowledge, there are different trading strategies available to create a balanced portfolio.

BitcoinTAF Products and Services include: 

– A Business Builder network sharing and tracking APP with RapidGrowth.

All-inclusive product with access to Marius Landman, Team of Analysts, products and training with Inner Circle.

– An EmotionDetector Report that helps identify patterns of behaviour to assist with trading emotions.

Auto BOTS that cut out the searching part and helps identify potential trend tips like the Barney BOT, Hodlnots BOT Tips and Detonator BOT.

– Dedicated Signals Channels from a training and educational perspective to accelerate your portfolio growth like Day Trade Signals and Salsa Signals

– Specially designed trading Indicators such as the Hodlnator and Detonator Indicators.

Reports covering cryptocurrencies in the Gaming, DeFi, Metaverse, NFT’s and more with MTT Reports.

Reports that use Technical Analysis with Marius Landman and Team using Algorithm Sequences, Mathematical Equations & Time Cycles with Long Term Reports.

– A private, global community with access to calls about coins that are currently moving and tips from seasoned Trainers, Traders and Coin Spotters in the Hodlnots DEN.

Self-paced courses to expand your knowledge on Secure Storage or Mastering DeFi!

The BitcoinTAF core team has grown to 20 members who run the behind the scenes operations and development of BitcoinTAF to ensure that the products and services offered are first class!

As a celebration of everything the BitcoinTAF team has achieved this far, they are giving away subscriptions to a selection of their products as well as physical goodies on the day of the festival!

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