Could THETA reach $15 and more?

published on: October 24th, 2021

#THETA and #TFUEL. You’ve heard about these two coins but what are they? $15 in sight?

THETA is a unique blockchain used for decentralized video delivery + cryptocurrency.  Similar to Vimeo and YouTube but in cryptocurrency form. Theta  provides technical & economic streaming solutions through incentivizing the sharing of bandwidth across the network.

With more users now joining the unique THETA network, more bandwidth is available which then should improve streaming quality. THETA is used for voting on changes to the protocol while TFUEL is used for executing transactions. It makes a great HOLD and part of our portfolio. How high can it go? It’s now at $6.7 but hold upwards past $15, and read the latest Long Term Trade reports for more info on THETA and TFUEL.


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