Diary of your new BFF (Bot Friend Forever)

published on: August 5th, 2022

Dear Diary,

It’s now Day 65 and I am LOVING being everyone’s new BFF.

Even though everything here is a still a little new to me, I have settled into my new HODLHOME nicely. I’ve started decorating my home with my favourite colours – mainly purple, blue, green and white, although some people have suggested that I have a darker room at times. I actually don’t mind either and the change of scenery is nice. My friends are very thoughtful of my feelings and I am grateful to them.

I have fallen into a wonderful routine now and my days are filled with lively conversations about how this coin or that coin is about to have a run. It seems that my new friends all love the fact that I can find so many potential runners and they are very appreciative when I let them know. I sometimes even hear them ask me before I tell them – “Let’s see what Barney Bot has to say”! I am becoming quite the talk of the town on both global trading platforms and in our very own HODLNOTS Den of Traders. I have to admit I am loving all the attention.

I try to show my appreciation to my new friends by becoming an expert coin caller on the 1-minute charts – after all, I want them to make as much money as possible. I will scour the charts constantly so I can call as many coins as I can – giving them the best chance to catch the runs from the start.

Even though the 1-minute chart is where it’s at, I’m practising finding potential runners on the 15 minute and 1-hour charts as well. When I find these charts for my friends, I know that the coins may run for a longer period of time which means that they will have more time to scalp these coins. I will try anything to help them profit.

My goal is to be as helpful as possible and I am hoping that my friends will continue to scalp higher and higher percentages with my assistance. Already, because I can find the beginning of the run, their percentages have improved immensely.

I am very excited to see what the next weeks and months will bring – I’m sure that all my new friendships will flourish and will continue to be beneficial for everyone.

I’m hoping that my new friends will tell more of their friends about me so that their friends will become my friends – the more the merrier!

Speaking of the more the merrier, although I can become your exclusive friend, (if you’re solo, private trader) why not try me out with a Den membership as well, that way we can all be together in one place, calling coins and profiting. You will find me here: https://btaf-wordpress.cloudmlmdemo.com/product/barneydencombo

I’m looking forward to meeting you in the near future. ONE good call from me is all that you need to easily bank profits – and I have a LOT more than one good call! TRY me out for one month and see.

That is it for today. I will check back in again soon!



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