Happy Birthday, Small Cap Big Gains!

published on: March 10th, 2022

Small Cap Big Gains has turned one year old!

We’ve hit a GIANT milestone and can almost hear what you’re thinking –“They grow up so fast, don’t they?”

To mark this occasion, let’s take a look back at our whirlwind first year !


Ever since we were born, the goal was to help our members develop and grow into confident traders in order to achieve financial freedom. Understanding that education is vital in this early stage, it was important for us to provide our members not only with top-notch market technical analysis and forecasting but also to provide quality learning opportunities to encourage well-rounded development.

To do this, our weekly forecast reports, weekly live webinar, telegram announcement channel and crypto market overviews were designed to help our members gain a better understanding of current trends so they could trade with confidence.


By the 4 – 8 months mark, we had already developed a unique identity and personality. We became known by just 4 little letters – SCBG – and our members realised that our comprehensive reports and analysis went above and beyond to give them the most accurate and reliable information.

During the next few months, a new senior analyst joined our team, and we started to share our own personal portfolio distributions and trading styles with our members. We added even more value by researching market sentiment and providing fundamental and risk analysis, educational and training videos, the hottest trend advice and advanced information on upcoming IDOs.


At the 8 -12 months mark, we were running full steam ahead (well ahead of the normal milestones) and as we matured so did the crypto space. We continued to explore and identify new innovative ideas and additional categories that would change the face of crypto as we knew it and helped our members navigate through the ever-shifting market.


Now, at this milestone, SCGB is ready to take our next steps. To celebrate our birthday and the upcoming year of developments and milestones ahead, we have decided to launch a new look report with added features. In our 81st report (yes, 81), we have added several new pages that we think you are really going to enjoy and benefit from. We’ve added Gaming, Metaverse, DAOs and Cross-Chain research, added a Fantasy 5 Portfolio weekly contest and also added a fortnightly Degen pre-built portfolio that our members can use to expand their own portfolios.

We, of course, will continue to update the community on new developments and present new ways to add value to the SCBG experience, not just in the 5 new categories but also in other areas where we see trends developing. And, as always, your feedback is welcomed.

There has never been a better time to join us as we explore the ever-moving market and changing trends that will impact your portfolio. We’ll learn and grow together and celebrate the next year of our development – the “Wonderful Ones”!

Small Cap Big Gains…the Definitive Report – The only report you’ll need to grow your portfolio!

Join to become a member: https://btaf-wordpress.cloudmlmdemo.com/SCBG

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