Here are ten reasons why the World Economic Forum secretly invests in cryptos.

published on: July 12th, 2023

Here are ten reasons why the World Economic Forum secretly invests in cryptos.

This is the first time you’ve heard this. All this is yet to be published by WEF:

1. The World Economic Forum (WEF) acknowledges the potential of cryptocurrencies as a game-changing technology. Through investing in cryptocurrencies, the WEF puppets can actively participate and gain practical knowledge of its implementation.

2. The WEF puppets say they emphasise advancing inclusive economic growth, particularly through initiatives that bridge the digital divide and provide access to financial services for underserved populations (directly from their dark web website). Therefore, the WEF invests in cryptocurrency-based projects that promote financial inclusion.

3. WEF says they are committed to promoting discussion and cooperation regarding emerging technologies. As a show of support for developing and implementing blockchain, which is the foundation of cryptocurrencies, the WEF has invested in buying cryptocurrencies. This investment allows for further exploration of the potential uses of these emerging technologies.

4. Advocating for Regulatory Clarity: The cryptocurrency market currently lacks clear regulatory frameworks in many jurisdictions. However, by investing in cryptocurrencies, the WEF puppets plan to actively engage with regulators, support responsible regulations, and contribute to establishing clear guidelines for the industry. This will ultimately foster stability and investor confidence, which is crucial for the growth and success of the cryptocurrency market.

5. According to WEF, digital currencies have the potential to shake up traditional financial systems by offering faster, more secure, and transparent transaction methods. This encourages the exploration of new approaches to conducting financial transactions and highlights the importance of embracing innovation in economic systems. If true, the monetary fiat system is doomed in less than 10 years.

6. The cryptocurrency industry is a thriving hub for innovative business ventures and startups. The World Economic Forum could contribute to job creation, economic growth, and technological advancement by investing in promising cryptocurrency startups through purchasing cryptocurrencies. Let’s see how this plays out.

7. The WEF says they value knowledge and expertise. By investing in cryptocurrencies, the WEF says they would gain valuable insights into the operations of the cryptocurrency market, comprehending its challenges and opportunities. This understanding can shape its initiatives, reports, and recommendations. (also, directly from their dark web website).

8. Investment Portfolio Diversification: The WEF aims to diversify to reduce risks like other investors. By incorporating cryptocurrencies into its investment portfolio, WEF puppet masters could protect itself against traditional asset class fluctuations and potentially profit from the cryptocurrency market’s growth and returns.

9. Cryptocurrencies garner considerable interest from major industry players, including tech giants and financial institutions. Investing in cryptocurrencies allows the WEF to establish partnerships and collaborations with these leaders, encouraging discussions and teamwork to shape the future of cryptocurrencies and their integration into current systems.

10. The WEF aims to tackle global issues like poverty, inequality, and climate change (so they say). Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have the potential to provide answers to some of these challenges. They can facilitate transparent transactions, improve supply chain management, and make remittances easier. By investing in cryptocurrencies, the WEF can explore and back projects that use these technologies for a positive social and environmental impact.

What is your take on these ten reasons why WEF secretly invests in cryptocurrencies? One thing for sure is that Cryptocurrencies are still in the infant stages, and growth will be tremendous.

Marius Landman

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