published on: December 29th, 2021

With 2021 almost behind us, we thought this was the perfect
opportunity to reflect on what was and what is yet to be…wow, did we have a

We had our 2nd birthday!

Over 700 people completed our HODLNOT Scalp Trading Course
and became members of the HODLNATION.  We
added many nationalities to our community and we are all flying our flags

Our new amazing (and exclusive) HODLNATOR was born and is
now helping our members profit like never before.

We learned to “Bank on the Bollinger“, that the
Money is in the Mountain” and it is, indeed, “All about

Together, we scalped and profited our way through a very
volatile and challenging market – even in the downtrends.

We celebrated births and supported losses.  We powered through electrical outages, raging
storms, destructive floods, and seemingly endless droughts.   We cheered
triumphs and commiserated investments. We were locked in and we were let in,
locked down and let out, turned away and turned upside-down / inside out.  We triumphed together as a community – thankful
for all the friendship and the support we provided each other.

Let’s raise our glasses and give thanks for all that we have,
all that we’ve accomplished and cheer what is yet to come.  Cheers to us all…we did it together!

We are excited to continue our journey and have even more
adventures in the new year?  We would be
honoured for you to join us and help write the next chapter in our story.   For more information on becoming a HODLNOT
please go to:  https://btaf-wordpress.cloudmlmdemo.com/product/hodlnots   If you have any additional questions or would like to find out more about the HODLNOT Scalp Trading Course, please email the HODLNOTS team at hello@hodlnots.com .

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