I have this powerful App – Now what?

published on: August 4th, 2022

So, you’ve read the positive reviews, read the detailed description and now have purchased this mini powerhouse Sales and Marketing APP.  

You’ve followed the steps and downloaded it onto your phone.

You may have even had a go at importing a contact or two.

You are ready to use it to build your business…but, now what?

People download, then don’t use APPs for all sorts of reasons. APPs can be too complicated – you may download an APP, click a few buttons, then give up – it’s all too difficult or not intuitive.

It could be that you are afraid of breaking the app (or your phone), afraid data will be lost or stolen, afraid your phone will catch on fire (well) or most likely you just haven’t had the time to learn the APP correctly.

With 2.8 million APPs available for download on the Google Play Store, and 2.2 million available in the Apple App Store, you probably have at least 100 different apps on your phone and at least a few have fallen into the too hard basket. *(stats from Apple App Store and Google Play Store websites).

Well, we certainly don’t want that to happen with RapidGrowth. The moral of the story, we’re not going to assume that you will know intuitively how to use our APP just because we say it’s easy to use. We wouldn’t provide this powerhouse Sales and Marketing APP to help you build your business without teaching you the BEST way to use it.

We are a well-known training and education company and want to help you learn to profit at every possible opportunity. We want to make things simple to use, not more difficult.

Now, we do think our RapidGrowth APP IS intuitive and IS amazing and IS going to help you easily build your business, but we still want to show you all the features and benefits that you may not even realise exist.

How are we going to do this? One word – TRAINING! AND….the best part is the training is free for you when you purchase the APP. 

Not only are there In-App training modules to help you, but for 32 weeks (yes 32 weeks – GET EXCITED!) we will be having tailored, customised training workshops which will simplify and teach you how to use this app for successful results.

During these workshops, you will not only learn all about the APP’s features and benefits but you will also gain valuable insights into marketing and sales strategies as well. You will easily learn how to use this one powerful APP to save you money on marketing expenses. You will not believe you can get this many great, easy to use tools in one APP – all for a super low cost.

Since we know time is money, these workshops will be short, sharp and to the point. Each call is approx. 20 minutes in length – 20 minutes per week is all that you need to learn the power of this APP – it could be the difference between selling and power selling!

We want every Business Affiliate we work with to be able to connect easier and grow your business more successfully, through the power of the RapidGrowth App!

Join us, jump on the next training session and start learning all about this powerful App today.

Keep your eye on this link for the next available public webinars: https://btaf-wordpress.cloudmlmdemo.com/pages/events

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