published on: July 1st, 2022

RapidGrowth – A money-saving Marketing and Sales Department right in the palm of your hand!

Are you serious about wanting to build your BTAF business but finding it complicated and expensive to buy all the individual marketing and sales programs to help you do this?

There are hundreds of products out there to help you prospect and communicate with your customers and also analyse the marketing data that you receive.

Click funnels (to create capture pages), survey programs (to create surveys), email platforms (to keep in touch) and customer management tools (to store and analyse the data).

You could purchase all these individually and use them separately to track and communicate, but, ugh, that’s so complicated and costly. Don’t you wish you could build your business without the need to buy and use a whole slew of products?

What if, instead, you could use ONE, pre-built marketing and sales tool, with everything already seamlessly included, that did all that for you – right in the palm of your hand?

Would you like an app that:

– Tracks your contacts’ actions and activities to show you who is engaging the most.

– Automatically keeps a running history of every interaction, giving you the ability to view what was sent and what actions your contacts have taken.

– Provides you with a personalised digital business card, loaded with trackable resource links.

– Gives you access to** pre-written emails and custom resources**, that helps you easily sell BTAF’s products and services, to share instantly via email, text or on social media.

– Provides training videos and ongoing, tailored weekly webinars for additional training and support.

– Harnesses the power of gamification to engage and motivate your team by creating incentives and rewards – and tracks progress for you automatically.

Well, you can have all that and more! 


RapidGrowth is a simple, easy to use app that allows you to effortlessly initiate and continue conversations by providing custom resources, in a logical order, to help you deliver the right information at the right time to help close that sale. It also provides important details and analytics, at a glance – all with a push of a button on your phone.

Isn’t that easier and more cost effective?

Why not try it out for yourself and for your team! With RapidGrowth, everyone in your business can be a great, successful salesperson!

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