Stake your TAF and earn 250% APY…Welcome to Your Future

published on: April 10th, 2022

Oops TAFFY just noticed that she left a 2 off the APY of the 21-day staking contract 🙈

This has now been corrected ☺️ which means that the APY for the 21-day TAFFY to the MOON staking contract will be 250% 👀

The Strongbox Staking Platform is all set and will launch at 12:00 UTC tomorrow along with the 21-day contract.

This is not to be missed so make sure to tune into the Telegram chat channel tomorrow. We will be providing full instructions on how to stake on the new platform.

Be on alert 🚨 for the scammers. We will not DM you directly unless specified within the main chat. We have witnessed many people trying to impersonate members of the TAF team. If unsure please reach out to us via the main chat 💬. Stay safe!

Let’s all look forward to tomorrow, it’s going to be a day to remember. TAFFY can’t wait and is counting down the hours to launch 🚀

Welcome to your future….. the STRONGBOX

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