The Crypto-Nomad Life!

published on: December 16th, 2022

More and more companies around the world, regardless of their size or industry, are embracing the cryptocurrency trend. In doing so, they streamline their payments and gain new customers — people like you who want to explore the world using Crypto.

There are actually many businesses worldwide accepting crypto payments, although this number may not seem many at the moment.  However, when you think that for most of them, accepting crypto was a mere opportunity ten years ago, instead of reality, then the future looks full of possibility for the average crypto nomad.

Every time you use crypto to pay for something, you are voting for crypto-friendly businesses and helping the crypto community grow, so it’s worth learning how you can get by using this payment method.

If you want to book flights, support your favourite charity, or shop online with crypto, there are a few things you need to know about businesses who accept it before you part ways with a fraction of your dearest crypto. Let’s see what they are!


What are the benefits of paying with crypto?

With businesses accepting crypto on the rise, it makes sense for you to use this method to pay for your crypto nomad lifestyle. Especially as a traveller, these are the main reasons why you’d prefer to pay with crypto over credit cards or cash:

• Protecting your privacy —Crypto transactions are not anonymous. They are, in fact, traceable and transparent, so you need to take some steps to protect your privacy. However, unlike using credit cards, sending crypto to a merchant doesn’t require personal information, only an alphanumeric address. So, businesses from who you buy won’t have access to information such as birthdates, full names, or addresses.

Minimizing risk of fraud —Crypto transactions provide a higher level of encryption than traditional ones. Due to cryptographic signatures, other people can’t access and spend your money. What’s more, when you pay with crypto, no personal details are required, so there’s no credit card number for hackers to access.

• Eliminating currency exchanges —since crypto holds the same value wherever you go, the hassle of having to exchange money or being left with unspent foreign currency becomes a thing of the past.

• Reducing the risk of losing money or theft — since you don’t keep any paper money or credit cards with you, there’s less chance that you’ll lose it while you travel.

• Enjoying fast payments across borders —to send crypto, you don’t have to wait a number of working days for your transaction to be processed, like with banks. Plus, the crypto sent is not limited to a particular amount, as can be the case with fiat currencies.

Remember though, depending on your travel plans, you may also need to take your credit card with you. Some countries still may have very few, if any, businesses accepting crypto.


What Companies Accept Crypto Payments?

Did you know that you can buy pretty much everything from software, fine art, jewellery, exam preparation tests, groceries, or even buffalo horn glasses made in Zurich? For sure, the options are still limited, but it shows that businesses are growing more enthusiastic about accepting crypto.

When it comes to accepting specifically Bitcoin payments, big companies such as AT&T, Microsoft, Overstock, PayPal, or Rakuten are the trailblazers. However, smaller businesses are following suit and becoming more crypto-friendly as well. There are even websites where you can use your crypto and then rate the service. You can help the community of fellow crypto users to provide and receive better products and services. How cool is that?

Probably the ones who benefit most from accepting crypto payments are online merchants. Platforms such as Shopify or Etsy have taken the opportunity to partner with Bitpay, Coinbase, AlfaCoins, or BitcoinPay and accept crypto payments from shoppers anywhere in the world.


How You Can Pay with Crypto?

Step 1. Get Your Crypto Wallet

To pay with crypto for goods and services, you first need to have a crypto wallet. Choosing one should only take a few minutes, and depending on your operating system and your goals, you can go for:

• Mobile wallets

• Desktop wallets

• Hardware wallets

For example, if you prefer to shop online, you should go for a desktop wallet. But if you want to make everyday payments, then an app on your phone or a hardware wallet will work better for you.

Step 2. Buy Your Crypto

Once you get your wallet, you need to have some crypto on it. To do this, simply:

• Go to one of the many available exchange services

• Find the best price for your coin

• Buy your coin

• Transfer it into your wallet.

This transaction is completed in a matter of minutes.

Step 3. Send your crypto

After you have decided what you want to purchase, the precise procedure on how to send crypto depends on the type of wallet you use. You may be able to pay by:

• Scanning the QR code of the recipient from your crypto wallet mobile app

• Copying the recipient’s address and pasting it in the designated field on your wallet

• Signing in to the merchant’s website and following the steps

As you can see, the process is pretty straightforward, takes little time, and you don’t need to give away your personal information, like with traditional methods of payment.


Before You Start Shopping

It’s exciting to browse news from the crypto world and seeing new businesses around the world jumping on the bandwagon every day.  Knowing your options for paying with crypto wherever you go makes your travels a lot more enjoyable, for sure.

If you want to make the most out of your crypto nomad lifestyle, take the time to educate yourself on how to stay at the top of the trends.  One way you can do this is by subscribing to one of BitcoinTAF’s life-changing products or services. You’ll not only learn how to generate additional revenue streams; you’ll be able to fully customize your approach for your ideal lifestyle.

So, let’s travel the world together…see you soon for more crypto insights and trading strategies and world news!


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