The Farmer Buys The Seeds When On Special

published on: May 17th, 2022


Farmer plants seeds it may take 9 months to grow. Harvest can take less than 14 days. In the meantime, he buys seeds when on special, he accumulates seeds, other farmers are laughing at him for buying seeds at this stage in the cycle. Then seeds go on special again, he adds to his stash. Then comes planting, weather is good, sun is shining, smell of good soil is in the air. Those farmers who laughed now have to buy seeds at a much higher price. They never $ average bought seeds.

The seeds are planted. Framer waits & nurtures the soil. Drinks coffee, wakes up early, check the crops, mix some mulch, provide water.

Then comes the harvest. It takes 14 days.

To get to that harvest, be patient & buy some seeds, add to your current stash. Farmer will only lose if he gets scared & sell the seeds to others.

Have faith. Follow the latest report, there will be twists, spikes, wicks and they will throw everything at you. In the end, we will reap the fruits of our work.

We will soon win.


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