The US$ will transform into a Digital Currency by 2035 and by 2036 the United States of America will not exist as a country

published on: April 11th, 2023

In the future and not so far from today, within 9-12 years, the United States of America will become an open borderless “nation”.

The United States of America won’t be a central National country anymore but rather a world of nations most likely called the America Union of Nations (AUN) no later and gradually by the year 2032-36 max, if not faster. The timeline has been set and come hell or war, the elite of this world will follow their plan which started in 1989.

In 1989, I was a Lieutenant at the Special Operations Unit of the Elite Parachute Battalion for the South African Military. I was part of an elite group of soldiers tasked to train Nelson Mandela’s bodyguard’s (faces have been redacted for privacy). The interesting thing is that Nelson Mandela was released from prison on 11 February 1990. Months before Nelson Mandela was released, and before anyone even knew what was going to happen with Nelson Mandela, we were ordered to train, educate and teach Nelson Mandela’s bodyguards.

It was at this point that we were told, South Africa will be handed over to Nelson Mandela’s political party. During this period I was privy to some high level Military Intelligence that shocked my core of believes, my outlook for the next 50 years and my general trust in Government/s around the world. During this time, the United States of America’s secret leadership visited South African Military Leaders, the President of South Africa being FW de Klerk and various high ranking leadership. It is here where I learned about Globalism, a new World Order coming, a new worldwide electronic currency that will consist of thousands of different currencies, and that a new European Currency will be used a as test (which became the Euro), and that the Nation who controls the point of Africa will one day control the rest of the world. I will leave my comments right here for now, as I like to stay alive but this is only the tip of the iceberg of what is coming to the rest of the world.

One extra point: Did you know that Russia fought against the United States of America and attempted to conquer South Africa with assistance from a certain Political Party? Russia had a secret pact with this Political Party but was later expelled from South Africa, and the agreement with Russia was rescinded. Russia did not want the United States to have control over the point of Africa.

Continuing to the United States of America…

Although there will be an autocrat government, sub level voting will be allowed from any person living in the AUN at the time of an election. The flag will change. The old USA constitution will be gone, governing the new AUN with a new set of guidelines, and not constitutional legislation.

For the Government, and influencing the majority of people through social media, what’s wrong will be right and what’s right will be classed as wrong. The military will diminish, the super power status will be gone. The United Nations will have military coordinated powers with NATO in support and will take control of all USA military. All guns will be confiscated. Private security firms will be big business. Policing will diminish and jails will only be for extreme high end criminals and old political foes with mostly 90% of convicts being released over the next 20 years. Similar to what happened in South Africa during the “reconciliation meetings”, political foes will be persecuted and go to jail.

It does not matter who wins the next election, it’s a matter of time. The next president is unlikely to be Trump but even if Trump wins he won’t be able to bring about change in 4 years. The country will eventually be governed by an autocrat one order party. Most think they can create another American Revolution but this will be stopped in its track by any government in power especially the three letter informant agencies who is hard at work to bring about the AUN. Those who oppose will be jailed or will have to leave the AUN. Keep in mind, the three letter agencies, are those exact agencies who brought about the change in South Africa, with infiltrating the political parties, paying politicians off, promising them top positions, and eventually using the mainstream Government funded media to peddle change. The same is happening in the USA today.

Other countries who have convicts will expel them to AUN or they will fly to AUN before they go to trial and live in AUN. The AUN will act as a place for wokeness and anyone else in the world will be welcome. There will be an exodus out of the once known USA to other countries around the world that still have national or country/nation status. Countries like Russia, South Africa, China, Asian nations, will see a dramatic continuous increase in foreign immigration, especially from the USA over the next 30 years.

Property prices in the well controlled States and certain well established communities and neighborhoods in the USA will see hyperinflation where properties will go from $600K to +$7million in value from now till 2034 (the top). USA city center property values will gradually decline as mobsters and gangs take over.

Countries like Australia, New Zealand, and provinces such as the Western Cape (South Africa) will skyrocket 20x, even more. Coastal properties on the Sunshine Coast of Australia will become the most valuable in the world. New Zealand farmland will become unaffordable especially milk farming, cattle and sheep. Kiwi fruit farms (Bay of Plenty area) will skyrocket 14x in value. Places such as and similar to Tauranga in New Zealand will become hot hubs to live.

We have only seen the tip of the iceberg in Cryptocurrencies. I was told in 1990 during a Military Intelligence briefing that the world will move over to a set of multiple if not thousands of electronic currencies which at that point barely made sense. (as mentioned, the EURO was a test run, and specifically is an electronic digital currency, basically the first undefined native Cryptocurrency in the world). Today we know this to be Cryptocurrencies, which I barely understood at that time. It was said that Governments will start using these electronic currencies bit by bit and eventually the entire world will get rid of paper money. It was said, these currencies, when utilized worldwide in full adoption, will be the catalyst to bring about a New World Order. Gradually, from today till 2035/36, the world will see Hyperinflation in all asset classes worldwide but Cryptocurrencies will out preform every single asset class in the world. Therefore, today I believe that we will see one hundred thousand (100,000) different cryptocurrencies by the year 2028.

With technology expanding, Cryptocurrency will skyrocket with #THETA hitting $2000, #ETHEREUM surpassing $180K. Cryptos will see amazing hyperinflation while everything in the world becomes extremely over priced years on end. The first country officially & draconian style to role out a federal backed cryptocurrency will be the United States of America. It will be disguised so the draconian use will come later. It will be named FedNow and over a 36 month period of time everyone in the USA will be forced to use FedNow or lose social Government payments. The official role out date will be 1 July 2023 with a beta launch having already started.

The USA as it is now, will not exist in 9-12 years from now. Best you plan ahead and join BitcoinTAF so we can teach and educate you how to take advantage of the coming boom in Cryptocurrencies. I have seen and heard a glimpse of what is coming to this world and there is one way you can help your family and that is to take advantage of what I know and what I have heard. Everything I heard during 1989 to 1995, is starting to make sense. One tip I was given for example, in 1990, was to buy properties in good quality neighborhoods. While living in South Africa, I started a business with a late friend of mine, Wim Boshoff (Brother of At Boshoff, the Pastor). We made immense income with properties. Wim eventually took over The Property House business in the later 1990s and went on to become a multi millionaire owning a number of shopping malls in Kimberley and Bloemfontein, South Africa.

The only way to financially survive the coming change, is to make generational wealth. We know what’s coming and we are ready. Are you ready?
Just a reminder, your soul is more important than money.

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