Want to Consistently Generate Income Regardless Of Market Conditions?

published on: May 21st, 2023

Having complete financial freedom is the dream of many, but information overload and knowing exactly where to start can often be the biggest frustration when it comes to Decentralized Finance.

In this article, we will showcase Top 3 methods used by our Senior Analysts & Trainers to consistently thrive in Bull and Bear markets alike, while building generational wealth and enjoying their chosen lifestyles from anywhere in the world with a WIFI connection — The $12 Trillion Power of DeFi.


1.  Unrestricted Access to the Best Opportunities

The global decentralized finance market size is expected to reach USD 231.19 billion by 2030, expanding at a CAGR of 46.0% from 2023 to 2030 – (source.)

That is an increase of 1698% compared to the $13.61 billion in 2022, so the question remains – Are you correctly positioned to harness this level of opportunity flooding the Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Industry?

The foundation we need to start with is Self-Custodial Storage, or a Blockchain Wallet to securely store our cryptocurrency. Metamask is currently the industry standard for any device, with mobile and browser extension wallets being the most popular choices.

This is the #1 tool we use to engage with DeFi protocols like PancakeSwap to position trade (Dollar Cost Average) and Swing Trade, which is the #1 Most Profitable Strategy when done correctly.

Farming the Market High’s and Low’s can indeed be tricky, but depending on your time commitment and desired lifestyle this can be the financial backbone to your life of freedom. If you could use some assistance with this, don’t be afraid to check out our Free Training and Trade Setups at Day Trade Masters public telegram channel.


2.  Multiple Income Streams for Any Market Conditions

The crypto gold rush craze may have toned down, and the uncertainty surrounding cryptocurrencies still makes investing a challenge. But despite all that, the crypto space will get more exciting by the day as new investment opportunities are created that disrupt the monetary system as you know it.


Currently, there are 10,722 cryptocurrencies, according to CoinGecko. And although coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum take centre stage in headlines, there are plenty of other investment options.

More and more people join the crypto community every year, attracted by the possibility of pseudo-anonymous transactions. If you check out the statistics on blockchain wallet users, you’ll notice that over 560 thousand wallet addresses have already been created in 2023.

The fact that so many people have found good reasons to invest in cryptocurrency, and believe in the usefulness of blockchain technology, shows that the financial system as we know it today is likely to look quite different in a decade or two. So it’s better to go with the change rather than resisting

Here are other potential income streams in DeFi:

  •  – Passive Staking Rewards through Regulatory-Friendly Opportunities and Yield Farming
  •  – Active Staking for running a Validator (Business Opportunity)
  •  – Borrowing & Lending Protocols (Higher Risk, Do Your Own Research)
  •  – NFT-based Memberships and Clubs
  •  – Gaming Online, Streaming & Tournaments
  •  – Blockchain-Based Careers (Coding, AI implementation)
  •  – Content Creation (Art, Videography, etc)

These are benefits that fiat currencies don’t offer without some major hang-ups, so the value of using cryptocurrency is very apparent, especially for people who like to live internationally


3.  Diversification to Maintain your Day-to-Day Lifestyle

When it comes to alternative crypto investing methods, taking small steps and creating good habits is key to success. To start integrating crypto investing into your day-to-day lifestyle, here’s a handful of useful advice to help you out:

 – Accept Digital Assets in Return for Your Services

If you have a remote job or a side gig, tell your clients that you’ll start to accept payment in cryptos. This is a good way to learn how digital assets work in real life and show your clients that you’re up-to-date with technology trends.   To receive cryptos, you only need to have a wallet that generates a personal QR code. This code is the public address to which your clients can send you the payment.

 – Learn How to Evaluate Crypto Tokens 

Luckily, the information about new crypto tokens is available online for you to read and evaluate. But it’s important to take time and learn how to research a token.  Read everything about the crypto tokens —white papers, patents, holders, technology, adoption, etc. Essentially, you want to pick up the skill of knowing how to find value in a digital asset. But be patient, this is a continuous practice and a skill that comes in time.  New innovations in the space consists of Centralized and Decentralized Stable Coins, Identity Management and Web3, AI implementations, Decentralized Social Medias and More!  This can help us battle hyper-inflation, reduce risk when needed, and diversify industries across the Crypto industry as well as other real-world assets like real estate or land.

 – Don’t Worry When You Get It Wrong 

Cryptos have become an important income stream for many people, and even the ones who constantly win can sometimes fail. This is because stakes are high, and emotions can trick you.  So, when you start investing in cryptocurrency, don’t set high expectations for yourself. And when you make a mistake, learn from it, and keep going.


It’s Never Too Late to Get Started!

We hope that, after reading this blog post, you’ve gained more confidence, and you are ready to decentralize your finances and generate additional income streams. This activity requires you to put some thought and time into it, but the result is gaining more financial freedom and greater flexibility in your life.


If you stumble along the way, don’t hesitate to seek help. It’s better to ask a naïve question than getting stuck or investing money only to lose it quickly. So find reliable mentors and courses to guide you in your journey with Bitcoin & Digital Assets.


Let us help you along the way!

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