We’re HOT so you can stay COOL!

published on: February 6th, 2022

First let’s talk “Cool”!
You can be cool as a cucumber and have a cool head.  You can play it cool or lose your cool.  Be cool or be cool with it.

Cool can be elusive – that 45 degree C heatwave, that “no,
it’s not too spicy” curry you ate last night, most anything from the 80s, or that
that last market dip – all possibly not so cool!

Today…let’s talk about how to ‘cool you down’ (or cool you up).  Let’s talk about our newest product – Salsa

Designed for busy traders looking for short term gains,
Salsa Signals is here to deliver fast, hot trading signals so you can stay cool,
be cool and trade the markets with confidence.

Our team applies a combination of top-notch technical and fundamental
analysis to provide short term opportunities when there is a positive movement
and momentum in the market. Trades are called with validity between 2 to 48
hours. Setups include estimated entry, exit and stop-loss positions for your

Have a look today and find out how our HOT signals are already helping our members stay cool!

For more infomation or to join please visit:




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