Work-from-home opportunity with BitcoinTAF for Business Builders

published on: March 27th, 2022

Work-from-home opportunity with BitcoinTAF for Business Builders

Book This Date: 2, 9 & 16 April Saturday

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During 2007/8 financial crisis Marius Landman built one of the largest affiliate marketing teams in the world & generated +$20m in sales worldwide. Come learn how Marius did this while everyone else saw no opportunity.

As Founder & Partner at Bitcoin Trend & Forecast, Marius will go through the Business Opportunity and why you need to take advantage today. He will also explain the Revenue Plan (Compensation Plan).

Why BitcoinTAF is poised for success with NO products being shipped, no chain of responsibility, no headache and no heavy administration cost, all managed by a state of the art Website Management System.


For Serious Business Builders

Date 2 April 2022

Brisbane Australia – 9pm

CEST +Germany – 1pm

UTC – 11am

England – 12pm

Mexico – 5am

Cape Town – 1pm

New York – 7am

Register here ( bring a friend, it’s as easy as that!

Use it. Feel it. Share it.


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