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published on: February 6th, 2023

Trading can be daunting and stressful if you don’t follow a plan.

You need to understand the psychology of the market and what drives price. 99% of the time you trade against yourself and either your belief or disbelief.

The most important factor to becoming successful in trading is to educate yourself and form a set of rules for your investment strategy.

Within MTT, we analyse a select group of coins with good fundamentals, teams behind them and, most importantly, employ great technical setups. The technical aspect will always predict what the news events may be in the future and that is the advantage we have in our swing trading strategies. The most successful investors are those who trade great setups, repeatedly, over a period of time.

MTT provides a team who will support and guide you throughout these volatile crypto markets. Our gains in January, with a basket of coins in our reports and weekly webinars, have outperformed most others and had a cumulative profit of 1500% plus, – and that is where the difference comes in.

CRYPTO is EXPLODING and we forecast that this rally may continue, bringing even more profits to our MTT community.

In our swing trading research, we strive to find the coins that are going to outperform Bitcoin within the HOT narratives in the market as liquidity flows through. When a bull run starts we will identify a group of coins to track and ride those coins up and down throughout the cycle.

For instance: 

Just like in the above video, as another example, Stepn is a web3 lifestyle app that rewards users for movement. Users equipped with Stepn NFTs can earn by walking, jogging and running outdoors. And just quietly, it’s an ultimate upcoming swing trade – GMT (Stepn)

Moving forward, we have specific updated targets for where Bitcoin may go over the coming weeks, and you don’t want to be sitting on the side-line when the rest of the crypto market moves.

Altcoins are the place to be to find gems that will 5x or 10x your portfolio. If you are reading this, you ARE still early in this upcoming phase. The Bitcoin halving event only starts in April/May 2024 which may trigger a record rally.

GAMING tokens such as #AXS have already had a massive 105% PUMP. Can you feel the EXCITEMENT? 

#crypto #Profits will ALWAYS come to those who have patience.

Watch our open-day webinar from a week ago to see exactly what we do in MTT and how we can help you profit:

To compliment our report, it’s a great idea to use the secret power of Fib Circles. The Fib Circle tool can truly help all enthusiastic technical analysts to predict the high points and pivotal breaks in any chart. DO NOT MISS OUT ON PROFITS, key supports or resistances! Education is KEY and so is FIB CRICLES – learn, study and trade with your newly found skill only @

Look good? You can find  more info about our incredible Fib Circle course.

MTT welcomes beginners and advanced traders where we all ride the waves together to become financially independent from the system.

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Seize the LIFE-changing opportunities crypto provides!

MTT Crypto Reports Team


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